Materials List & Vendors
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1. Steam Engines & Fittings:

2. Meccano:
Contact Address:
    Constructor Quarterly
    17 Ryegate Road
    Crosspool, Sheffield
    S10 5FA
  • Joel Perlin Erector Sets & Meccano.   Large inventory of Meccano parts.   In particular, stocks the hard to find #27S replacement gear/pinion set for the 1929 Meccano Steam Engine.   The pitch of the 27S gears differs from standard Meccano gear pitch, matching the original steam engine gears.
  • Meccanoman Online Superstore.   Great selection, often offering both new & used parts.   Accepts new web orders infrequently though, so check back often.
  • Meccanoshop.  Prices tend to be a little higher, but they're always open.   Discounts on bulk purchases of smaller items like screws/washers/etc...    Copies of Constructor Quarterly are sold there also (scroll to bottom of page).
  • eBay.co.uk   Large number of Meccano vendors to be found on the UK eBay.   Keep an eye on shipping costs.

3. Fittings & Material:

4. Electrics:
  • Futaba S3010 servo's

5. Other Supplies:
  • Home Depot, Kragen, etc...
    • Ceramic Fiber Paper (1/16")
    • High Temperature Engine Enamel Paint
    • Needle Roller Thrust Bearing (3-1/4" diameter, from eBay)
    • WTV020-SD Sound Module & Railmaster DHB8 Speaker
    • Oak Trim Panel (3.5" x 24" x 1/4") - Boiler heat shields
    • Aluminum Sheets - 0.032" (1/32") and 0.064" (1/16") thicknesses
    • Brass Square (5/8") & Round rod (1/16", 5/16" & 1-1/4" sizes)
    • Brass 1-1/4" Round tube
    • Brass 1/8" U-Channel
    • Acetal Plastic Rod (3/8" diameter)
    • Zinc-Core Candle Wick (52-32-18)
    • Various screws/washers/nuts/etc...
    • Loctite Thread Locker, Cyanoacrylate glue, JB-Weld
    • Oak Trim Panel (3.5" x 24" x 1/4")